Ninety-Nine Sure Signs of Spiritual Bypassing “The idea of “spiritual bypass” is simple: It’s when we use our spiritual beliefs and experiences as a way to deny our deeper and more sincere life needs. These sincere needs may be around belonging, career, money, power, self-expression, or sexuality.” ~ Mark Forman…

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Is Your Brain The Enemy? Evolving the AutoFilter and Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious You might be sabotaging your happiness right now, without even knowing it. You might already have access to key pieces of information to solve all of your problems, to catapult you to the next level of…

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This article is Crossposted at DailyHap.com At this point in history almost all educated westerners are aware of the fact that human beings have subconscious motivations affecting our decisions. We recognize that humans often repress negative emotions, thereby splitting off a piece of ourselves and creating a “dark side.” Yet the…

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