7 Supplements To Improve Quality of Life Better Living, Guaranteed. We recently saw a post entitled “7 Supplements To Improve Quality of Life,” but wanted to expand beyond just vitamins. Try this list instead for greater gains in quality of life. 1. Meditation You’ve heard it from us before, and…

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More on the Write Way to Happiness One Dude’s Journaling Practice My friends know that I’m a huge fan of journaling. I consider it an essential practice for my emotional well-being. Regular DailyHap readers will also remember that certain kinds of journaling—especially about emotional or traumatic events, real or imagined—have…

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What if I told you that there was a free, secret pill that was scientifically proven to lower doctor visits, improve your immune system, reduce your blood pressure, improve your mood, increase your feeling of well-being, and reduce depression? (1) That it has no negative side effects, and has been proven to reduce absenteeism from…

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