Finding Strength By Exploring Weakness You may have heard it before—your greatest gift often comes from exactly what you think your biggest weakness is. They are usually two sides of the same coin. Take neediness for example. Being needy sucks—the needy person feels like someone else holds the key to…

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PRISM—Can it bring us happiness? I was surprised by the news, and I felt a bit outraged and betrayed. A lot of people I talked to responded with a hint of boredom. “That’s been going on for decades.” Some felt the need to defend the government’s actions, some felt paranoia,…

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I want to offer a different way to address gun violence in our country, one that might be more individually empowering and ultimately effective today than our current proposals. Almost all of our commonly proposed solutions—fewer guns, more guns, background checks, licensing, better mental health coverage, etc.—are external solutions that leverage behavior…

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