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“Jordan Allen is a force of nature—passionately, dynamically, creatively alive. To encounter his fierce multidimensional caring intelligence is to be given a tangible reason to be hopeful for our future.”
Terry Patten—Integral Life Practice

If you like what you have read on this site and you would like get deeper and more personal, I am available for personal coaching sessions.

These generally last for fifty minutes and my fee for a fifty minute session is $100, payable via PayPal, credit card, check, or cash. Sessions are held over Skype/G+Hangout or in Austin, TX at 5750 Balcones Dr., 78731, Suite 117. Morning, afternoon, and evening times are available. (We can use a sliding scale based on your hourly wage for those who are struggling financially.)

We will draw from a variety of modalities including integral theory and circling, and can focus specifically on themes such as leadership, relationships, meditation, spirituality, physical health, addiction, and ego development.

Contact me via email using this form or via text at +1 512 626 7898 to find out what is right for you.


I also facilitate group spaces that are both loving and fierce for maximum honesty and growth. These include:

  • Circling Immersions
  • Company purpose and vision sessions
  • Group communication
  • Conscious business consulting
  • Personal and family retreats

Contact me via email using this form or via text at +1 512 626 7898 to discover the possibilities.

Please Note: If you are looking for a licensed therapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or someone who can accept insurance payments, I cannot accept you as a client, but I can refer you to some incredible specialists who are informed by similar philosophical and developmental views, including:

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