Introduction to Meditation Video

introduction to meditation video introduction to meditation video

Introduction to Meditation Video

Then You Can Improve Your Health and Happiness in 6 Minutes a Day

What exactly is meditation, and why isn’t it more popular, when it has been scientifically shown to have such amazing benefits with no negatives? (Though it doesn’t cure everything, of course)

I suggest that one is a simple misunderstanding—that meditation is about “clearing your mind of thoughts,” when it is actually about changing your relationship to thoughts. This changing relationship eventually leads to a loosening of contraction around your ego-identity—which is a deeper reason why meditation can be so hard to stick to, even though the process is simple.

Below is a simple guided meditation, which lasts for about 6 minutes.

You can focus your attention on counting your breath in order to help you adopt an attitude of equanimity toward whatever arises in your subjective experience. If sensations, emotions, feelings, or thoughts arise, just acknowledge them and let them pass, turning your attention back to the counting of your breath.

Hope this helps.

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