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What’s The Point?

Most of you guys know that I love author/philosopher/integral badass Ken Wilber. His expression of the integral way of being truly does change people’s lives, usually over many many years of consistent practice and learning.

It’s tough to share, partly because it tends to cover all of the bases, partly because it takes time to fully apply. You’ve probably heard one of my rants and thought, “Wow, Jordan’s passionate about this stuff but I actually don’t care about the subject.”

Yet the purpose of most of my writing, my book, my community organizing, my consulting work—indeed, much of my life—is to make Integral thinking fun, exciting, and relevant to things you, my friends, actually care about. It is the purpose of the call this banner advertises, and it is the purpose of the SuperHuman OS Course.

Is This My Style of Marketing?

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SUBJECT Line: Is THIS guy the smartest man on the planet?


This is going to be a game changer.  I am really excited about sharing this with you.

Your Superhuman Potential {}
with Ken Wilber

I’ve heard from people that he is the smartest man alive, and it might just be true.  You have to hear what he has to say about the inherent potential we all have.

Check it out!

Your Superhuman Potential {}
with Ken Wilber

I’ll be at the event listening with you!

To your greatest life,


P.S.  I have more awesome news about this I’ll share with you soon.


Not usually, but I like it.

I like it because I think it will work. And if it works, the people who listen to the call will find out the elegant truth behind integral thinking. And I won’t be so lonely, and considered so looney. And people will start to actually see multiple points of view, and develop compassion for people who do not think like them. And we’ll stop only looking to one quadrant for solutions that need all four.

I believe this kind of marketing, however deplorable it might be to our normal digestion of integral information, will break down a lot of barriers that exist for people who are not super excited by footnotes, metatheory and academic conferences.

Is the SuperHuman OS Style Too Aggressive?

Some people in the integral community have been turned off by the “aggressive” marketing style. Some have valid points, but overall I agree with co-founder Ryan Parks’ statement that marketing, at its best, is simply “communicating the value of something, to someone who wants that value, in such a way that they can understand how valuable it is.” And I am excited that experts at the internet marketing game are using this tool to promote something I believe is extremely valuable to humanity.

The simple fact of the matter is that it appears to be working. It has started a great conversation. So what’s the catch?

Does it Truly Represent “Integral?”

What has you ask this question? What are you afraid of?

Is “Integral” so delicate, and humanity so shallow, that one marketing campaign can taint an entire evolutionary thrust forever?

I trust the intelligence of humans to inevitably get past the excitement of Ken-Wilber-as-a-superhuman and more fully embrace the ideas and type of consciousness emerging—of which he is one voice.

Show Me The Money!

Furthermore, I’m excited by the possibility that this kind of affiliate marketing can support integral enthusiasts financially so we can keep on pushing the edges of what’s possible despite the vast majority of our LR systems supporting solely modernist endeavors. (If you use my link, and eventually decide to purchase the course, I will earn money, which I think is awesome).

This is an expensive program. Most of the integral seminars and products, aside from the books, are expensive, and that is frustrating. And most of my experiences when I have shelled out the cash have totally been worth it. If US citizens want to learn the information for free, we can find Ken’s books at  public libraries in the United States, and watch many videos of his on YouTube.

We can and should do more teaching and applying integral thought processes to development, aid, in developing countries and with NGOs (See Integral Without Borders and these Integral Leadership Review articles – IWB and Integral Response to HIV for some current and past efforts). We will need to find ways to support people’s livelihoods while doing this. I know! We can sell integral maps to people who have a lot of money and don’t mind paying for it! They’ll finance all of these humanitarian efforts! Wait a second… that sounds familiar…

Whose Shadow Are You Calling Black?

As per usual, I must ask if we have a strong or violent reaction to this course, what are we projecting? What are we disowning?

Are we jealous? Are we afraid that suddenly Integral will be common and we will no longer have the “special” knowledge? Are we mad that we don’t have access to Ken to create this kind of course? Are we frustrated that Integral hasn’t made us rich yet, and fulfilled all of our egoic desires?

Regardless of the validity of what’s “out there” (sometimes people are doing legitimately crumby things), we always have the opportunity to learn about ourselves from our emotional reactions, and we can always find ways to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence.

I believe that these investigations into our habitual reactions end up making us much more clear and effective for actually generating changes. So if you truly don’t like this marketing message, I suggest some shadow work to help you be a better, more effective critic.

The Personal Side

One final note that I believe is important—I personally know the team members behind this course and they’re really genuine guys who are extremely passionate about integral thinking and want to make a positive impact on the world. For all of these reasons I am very excited and will be on that call. Let me know if you’ll join me and want to discuss it afterwards.

So again, here’s the link:

About Jordan
Jordan Myska Allen is a lover of life, entrepreneur, Course in Miracles student, happy person, deep thinker, friend, Integral aficionado and constantly questioning everything he identifies with—and might put into a biography. He acts as a psychological, spiritual, and professional consultant, writes about how to be happy for, and practices applied integral thinking.

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