Be the Connector: Create Happiness by Inviting Two Unacquainted Friends Into a Trialogue

Triads and expanding your network

Triads and expanding your network

It’s easy to do and you’ll reap tons of benefits

When we are talking about DailyHappiness sometimes we just need a little reminder to do something simple. In fact, it is often the simple things we know and love that knock us out of a funk—like a tasty piece of fruit, or a phone call from a friend, a clean room, or someone else asking us for help. The complexities of analyzing our state of being are often enough to keep us mired in it.

So today’s Hap is simple: invite two friends that don’t know each other to hang out with you. Be the connector. Have a lunch, dinner, or coffee, with two people you like, regardless of whether or not you’re confident that they will like each other. As long as you are present at the meeting, their time will not be a loss, and it will not be too awkward, because then they have at least one thing in common: you.

Of course this is a very natural thing for many extroverts—the practice here will be scaling down the scope. If you invite three or four or more people to hang out with you they are less likely to get to know each other. Parties are great, and they might make you happy, but the more intimate meeting of two people you like invites a different kind of happiness.

It is also an investment for long-term well-being. When you are the impetus for two best friends getting to know each other in the first place, or the matchmaker for two people that fall in love, or for a successful business venture, every time you get to witness them hanging out you can feel a little jolt of joy.

Bonus/Alternative: Think of two people who would benefit from knowing each other and go for an e-introduction. (

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